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weather proof ac power supplies

Weatherproof AC Power Supplies

To make your CCTV surveillance equipment as effective as possible, you must protect it from inclement weather. That includes extreme cold, searing heat, driving rain, and howling winds. That is where the proven professionals from Preferred Power Products enter the picture with sturdy metal weatherproofing materials for long-time use to protect your AC power supplies. Our equipment is designed to handle high temperatures and corrosive environments. To be confident your AC power supplies will work even in the fiercest storm, contact us online or give us a call at 844-977-0404 to learn more about our products and services.

Product Product Name Product Number Download Spec
P3AC24-1-3WL 24VAC, 1 Output, 3 Amp P3AC24-1-3WL Spec Sheet
P3AC24-4-4W 24VAC, 4 Output, 4 Amp P3AC24-4-4W Spec Sheet
P3AC24-4-7W 24VAC, 4 Output, 7 Amp P3AC24-4-7W Spec Sheet
P3AC24-8-4W 24VAC, 8 Output, 4 Amp P3AC24-8-4W Spec Sheet
P3AC24-8-7W 24VAC, 8 Output, 7 Amp P3AC24-8-7W Spec Sheet