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ac power supplies

AC Power Supplies

AC power supplies step down 115VAC wall voltage to usable 24 or 28 VAC voltage to provide power for various types of AC CCTV fixed cameras and domes.  P3 AC power supplies provide the ability to install and consolidate the power source for various AC cameras and powered devices.   With many unique product features, its best to select P3 for your next CCTV camera installation.

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Product Product Name Product Number Download Spec
P3AC24-4-4L 24VAC, 4 Output, 4 Amp P3AC24-4-4L Spec Sheet
P3AC24-4-7 24VAC, 4 Output 7 Amp P3AC24-4-7 Spec Sheet
P3AC24-4-12 24VAC, 4 Output, 12 Amp P3AC24-4-12 Spec Sheet
P3AC24-8-4L 24VAC, 8 Output, 4 Amp P3AC24-8-4L Spec Sheet
P3AC24-8-7 24VAC, 8 Output, 7 Amp P3AC24-8-7 Spec Sheet
P3AC24-8-12 24VAC, 8 Output, 12 Amp P3AC24-8-12 Spec Sheet
P3AC24-8-25 24VAC, 8 Output, 25 Amp P3AC24-8-25 Spec Sheet
P3AC24-16-8L 24VAC, 16 Output, 8 Amp P3AC24-16-8L Spec Sheet
P3AC24-16-14 24VAC, 16 Output, 14 Amp P3AC24-16-14 Spec Sheet
P3AC24-16-25 24VAC. 16 Output, 25 Amp P3AC24-16-25 Spec Sheet